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profile photo woman amsterdam

Having profile pictures done in Amsterdam


Easy access and flexible opening hours, including weekends

My pop-up studio is located in an office block situated between the A9 and A10 motorways, a stone’s throw away from the tube station Amsterdam Verrijn Stuartweg and the train/tube station Diemen Zuid.


Need a good Linkedin profile picture?

Get it done by a professional portrait photographer!


A professional photographer will take a picture that makes you look your best.



Because your profile picture is such an important one, it’s an excellent idea to enlist the services of a professional portrait photographer. That way you can be sure your photo is of a high technical standard and will make you look your best. A portrait showing the personality you wish to convey.

Profile picture = First impression


A profile picture doesn’t just show what you look like – it should also tell us who you are as a person. To make a good first impression, a good profile picture is essential!


A good profile picture can make all the difference!

Most of the time, the first thing your business contacts see of you is your picture on Linkedin. Your Linkedin photo gives a first impression of who you are on a professional as well as a personal level. Various elements play a role in creating that impression: your facial expression, hairstyle and choice of outfit, the use of colour, angle of the camera, lighting and backdrop…Are you looking straight at the camera or not? Do you look tired? Is your complexion perhaps a bit shiny? All this information shapes the way others form their opinion of you.


Whole company portraits

The portraits on a company website can be equally telling. Has all the staff been photographed in the same way? Do the photos all breathe the same atmosphere? This of course gives a much more professional impression and is infinitely better than just a bunch of pictures that have been scraped together in a rush. It shows the company takes itself seriously and is well-organised.