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Creating a good portrait is something you do together


The photoshoot is not something you just have to undergo; it is something you play an active part in. A good profile picture is done together with your photographer!


Direct result

For every profile picture I take the time we need to get the result you want. During the shoot we will check your photos on a screen: that way you can decide if there’s anything you’d like to change or try again. There will be plenty of time, for example, to adjust your hair, make up or to change an item of clothing. You can choose your favourite picture yourself and can have a print either in colour or black and white. The photo of your choice will then have a retouch to give it that little bit extra. We will get rid of any blemishes or imperfections.


You’ll receive your profile picture within a week.

“I don’t like having my picture taken”


Sometimes people are reluctant to pose for pictures. In practice it is usually not that bad – a lot of people end up actually enjoying the experience.


In practice

I frequently hear the following remarks:


 • ““I’m not photogenic.” > It is true that not everyone is equally photogenic. That’s exactly why it’s a good idea to use the services of a professional photographer. After all, a good portrait photographer knows how to highlight your strong points!

 • “I can’t smile on command.”> You don’t have to! Smiling isn’t compulsory. A smile can add to a photograph but not necessarily so. Whether you smile or not would of course also depend on your professional role and what kind of impression you would like to make.

 • “I don’t have much time. Why are you taking so many pictures? One is enough, right?” > Don’t underestimate the power of a photograph. The first thing people see of you will be your profile picture, so this is crucial for a first impression. If you happen to look awkwardly at the camera or your complexion is a bit shiny it can really distract from the way you would like to present yourself. Your photographer can give you expert advice on this. So, investing half an hour of your time now could turn out to be profitable in the long run.

 • “I’d rather not have my face on internet.”>That is of course a personal choice and nobody can make you do it. You should realise however, that these days, Not being visible on the internet could make you stand out negatively. Having a profile picture on Linkedin offers you the chance to present yourself in a positive way; the way you would like to be seen.


In hindsight, most people said they actually quite enjoyed having their picture taken. Because the picture is something we work on together, eventually everyone involved is enthusiastic about the result. However, if we’re unable to work something out during the photo shoot, don’t worry; I work on a no cure no pay basis. And if that should be the case, at least we tried!

Do you take pictures in different styles?


There are an almost infinite number of photographic styles and possibilities, more than I could display on this website.


Let’s talk about it

Maybe you saw a stunning portrait or someone else’s Linkedin picture and thought: that’s what I want! In that case, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. My studio is very well equipped and I have over 15 years of photo-shop experience in advertising!


Musician, author or artist?

It is essential for every artist to have a variety of photographs in their portfolio...... Click HERE to read more.