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Tips for a good profile photo


There are a number of things you can do to prepare and get the best out of your photo shoot.


Your face

 • Plan for your photo shoot; make sure you’re well rested so you look your best.

 • Avoid having your picture taken with an overly tanned or sunburnt face.

 • You’re responsible for your own make up. Remember the old adage: less is more!

 • Clean teeth will make your smile look even better.

 • Gentlemen: if you’re having your picture done in the morning, it’s best to shave the night before.


Your clothes

 • Spend some time choosing your outfit. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in but keep your position and company image in mind.

 • A profile picture is not seasonal. Bear this in mind when choosing what to wear.

 • Wearing a jacket can give your photo a more business-like tone.

 • Plain fabrics are preferable to busy patterns. They are easier on the eye and come across as more formal than prints, patterns and slogans.

 • Choice of colour is very important, especially for jackets and shirts. Bright colours may be eye-catching but can detract from your face.

 • Make sure not to show too much cleavage. Perhaps bring a necklace or a scarf to be on the safe side.

 • Long, dark hair on dark clothing does not come out well in photographs. The same goes for long, blonde hair on light coloured clothes.


Let someone else take a look at your outfit beforehand. If you’re in doubt and would like some advice you can always email me a picture.


More Tips:


- What do others think of my profile picture?


- A professional profile picture is an original graduation present!